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    95% alcohol

    95% alcohol



    Product details:

    Ethanol alcohol (Ethanol), is a kind of organic matter, structure or short form CH ₃ CH ₂ OH C H ₂ ₅ OH, molecular formula C H ₂ ₆ O, alcohol is one of the most common yuan.

    Ethanol at room temperature and pressure is a flammable, volatile colorless transparent liquid, low toxicity, pure liquid can not be drunk directly; Has a special fragrance, and slightly stimulating; Small sweet, and accompanied by a stimulating spicy taste. Flammable, the vapor can form an explosive mixture with air, and can be mixed with water at any ratio. It can be miscible with chloroform, ether, methanol, acetone and most other organic solvents. The relative density (d15.56) is 0.816.

    Ethanol is widely used to produce acetic acid, beverage, flavor, dye, fuel and so on. In medical treatment, ethanol with a volume fraction of 70%~75% is also commonly used as disinfectant, which is widely used in national defense chemical industry, medical and health care, food industry, industrial and agricultural production.

    Ethanol and dimethyl ether are functional isomers of each other.


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