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    Anhydrous ethanol

    Anhydrous ethanol



    Product details:

    Colorless clear liquid. It smells of burning. Easy to flow. It is easy to absorb water from the air, and can be mixed with water, chloroform, ether and other organic solvents in any proportion. It can form an azeotropic mixture (water 4.43%) with water, and the azeotropic point is 78.15℃. Relative density (d204)0.789. Melting point - 114.1 ℃. Boiling point 78.5 ℃. Refractive index (n20D) When the cup is closed, the flash point (the temperature at which combustible gas volatilizes and mixes with air near the liquid level when heated in the container of specified structure, reaching a certain concentration that can be ignited by Mars) is 13℃. Flammable. Vapor and air can form an explosive mixture, explosion limit 3.5% ~ 18.0% (volume)


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