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    Specialized in chemical products, chemical raw materials of the wholesale enterprises

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    Changzhou shanglian chemical co. LTD

    since 1998

    The company has a history of over 20 years
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    50+ technicians
    Export countries 5+

    Changzhou shanglian chemical co. LTD

    Jiangsu Changzhou Shanglian Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1998,located in the beautiful and rich Changzhou City in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta. Near the Beijing-Hangzhou grand canal and 312 national road. Hangzhou to the south ,Shanghai to the east. Geographical location is very superior, land and water transportation is very convenient. The company is a wholesale trading company which has operated chemical products and raw materials for 20 years. It has a storage warehouse of more than 3000 square meters and has the ability of spot trading.

    Our company is Sinopec Shanghai petrochemical, Sinopec Sichuan Vinylon, Sinopec Great Wall energy production polyvinyl alcohol, Anhui Shuguang chemical group production sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide and other listed companies long-term special dealers. The company has a high reputation and good reputation in China.

    Main business of the company: Textile printing and dyeing, metal surface treatment, coating rubber and plastic, environmental protection water treatment, phosphating washing, electronic machinery, glass building materials, edible adhesive, flocking and other chemical raw materials. Shanglian Chemical Co., Ltd. has strong strength, credit, contract and quality assurance. It has won the trust of customers with its multi-variety management features and the principle of small profits but quick turnover.

    Integrity management, customer first, is what we always adhere to. All staff of Shanglian Chemical Company warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit and negotiate business. We will provide you with high quality products and services to create a better tomorrow.

    Achieve the happiness of all staff - make due contribution to the social progress of China.

    Specialized in chemical products, chemical raw materials of the wholesale enterprises

    Specialized supporting production base, varieties involved in a number of chemical fields

    The company is the special distributor of polyvinyl alcohol produced by sinopec Shanghai petrochemical, sichuan vinylon and Great Wall energy in changzhou, the general distributor of sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide and other series products produced by anhui shuguang chemical group in jiangsu, and the distributor of shandong weifang yingxuan citric acid factory in jiangsu. It has business relations with some large chemical enterprises in China.

    Cooperation for the future

    We have established long-term and stable strategic cooperative partnership with domestic powerful chemical units and source manufacturers. Cooperation for the future

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    Sinopec Shanghai petrochemical, sichuan vinylon, Great Wall energy polyvinyl alcohol production in changzhou special dealers