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    Hydrofluoric acid

    Hydrofluoric acid



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    Hydrofluoric acid is an aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride gas, a clear, colorless, smoky, corrosive liquid with a sharp pungent odor. Melting point -83.3℃, boiling point 19.54, flash point 112.2℃, density 1.15g/cm. Soluble in water, ethanol, slightly soluble in ether. Hydrofluoric acid at a low concentration is a weak acid in theory because hydrogen and fluorine atoms have a relatively strong ability to bond, so hydrofluoric acid cannot be completely ionized in water. It is highly corrosive and can corrode metal, glass and silicon-containing objects. Inhalation of vapor or contact with the skin can cause incurable burns. Generally, fluorite (mainly calcium fluoride) and concentrated sulfuric acid are used in laboratories. They need to be sealed in plastic bottles and kept in the shade.


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