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    Sodium benzoate

    Sodium benzoate



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    Sodium benzoate (formula: C6H5CO2Na), E no. E211, is the sodium salt of benzoic acid. Sodium benzoate is an acid preservative with good antiseptic effect under acidic environment. It is a very common food preservative, which can prevent deterioration and acid, and extend the shelf life. It is widely used in many countries in the world. However, concerns about its toxicity have limited its use in recent years. Some countries, such as Japan, have stopped producing sodium benzoate and restricted its use.

    Sodium benzoate mostly white particles, no odor or microstrip benzoate smell, taste slightly sweet, convergence; Soluble in water (room temperature) about 53.0g/100ml, PH around 8; Sodium benzoate is also an acid preservative, which has no bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects in alkaline media. The optimal PH for corrosion protection is 2.5-4.0, and the bactericidal effect of 5% solution at PH5.0 is not very good. Sodium benzoate is more lipophobic, easy to penetrate the cell membrane into the cell body, interfere with the permeability of the cell membrane, inhibit the absorption of amino acids; It will enter the body of cells to ionize and acidify the alkali storage in cells, inhibit the activity of the respiratory enzyme system of cells, and prevent the condensation reaction of acetyl coenzyme A, thus achieving the purpose of food antisepsis.



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