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    Potassium permanganate

    Potassium permanganate



    Product details:

    Potassium permanganate (KMnO4, relative molecular weight =158.034), inorganic compound, dark purple slender rhombic columnar crystal, metallic luster. Orthogonal system. It was discovered by westerners in 1659. Chinese commonly known as: gray manganese oxygen.

    Widely used as oxidants in the production of chemicals, such as saccharin, vitamin C, isoniazid and benzoic acid; Used medically as antiseptic, disinfectant, deodorant and antidote; Used as water treatment agent in water purification and wastewater treatment to control odor and decolorization by oxidizing hydrogen sulfide, phenol, iron, manganese, organic and inorganic pollutants; In gas purification, trace sulfur, arsenic, phosphorus, silane, borane and sulfide can be removed. In mining metallurgy, oxidants for the separation of molybdenum from copper, the removal of impurities from zinc and cadmium, and the flotation of chemical compounds; It is also used as bleaching agent for special fabric, wax, grease and resin, adsorbent for gas mask, coloring agent for wood and copper, etc.



    Potassium permanganate is easy to produce explosive precursor chemicals, but also need to provide the following documents:

    1. (only required locally) record proof of purchase of precursor chemicals

    2. Record certificate of transportation of precursor chemicals

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