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    Potassium aluminum sulfate dodecahydrate, also known as: alum, alum, potassium alum, potassium alum, potassium alum, potassium alum, is containing crystal water potassium sulfate and aluminum sulfate double salt. Colorless cubic crystal, often octahedral appearance, or with cube, diamond shaped dodecahedron polyform, sometimes with {111} surface attached to the wall of the container and shaped like a hexagonal plate, is a type of cube alum compound salt, with glass luster. Density 1.757g/cm3, melting point 92.5℃. At 92.5℃, 9 molecules were lost in crystalline water, and at 200℃, 12 molecules were lost in crystalline water, soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol. Alum taste sour, cold, toxic. Therefore, it has antibacterial effect and astringent effect, which can be used as traditional Chinese medicine. Alum can also be used in the preparation of aluminum salt, baking powder, paint, tanning, clarifying agent, mordant, paper making, water proofing agent, and also can be used in food additives. In our life often used for water purification, and do food expansion agent, such as Fried hemp round, Fried dough may contain.

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