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    Disodium hydrogen phosphate

    Disodium hydrogen phosphate



    Product details:

    Disodium phosphate is easy to be weathered in the air. When placed in the air at room temperature, it loses about 5 crystal water and forms 7 hydrates. When heated to 100℃, it loses all crystal water and becomes anhydrous. Easy to weather in the air, easily lose five molecules of crystal water and form seven water (na2hpo4.7h2o). Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol. The aqueous solution is slightly alkaline (the PH of 0.1-1n solution is about 9.0). The anhydrous substance was formed when the crystalline water was lost at 100℃ and decomposed into sodium pyrophosphate at 250℃. The pH value of 1% aqueous solution was 8.8 ~ 9.2. Insoluble in alcohol. At 35.1℃, it melts and loses 5 crystal waters.


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